Homeowner’s buying guide to finishing the basement
You can use the following questions to qualify the basement builders that you’re receiving bids from.  Corson Decorating & Remodeling  answers are included below…

  1. Question? – How many studs are you planning to use to frame my basement and long are they?
    Answer – This question gets after how detailed is the builder’s estimate.  We will give you an answer something like 323 studs.  We calculate exactly what it takes to build your basement.  We can even tell you how many sheets of drywall and linear feet of baseboard we’ll need specifically for your project.  We measures the wall length from the plan and inputs that data into our worksheet which uses a formula to calculate exactly how many studs are required.  This means two things: a.) we’re not charging too much or too little for the materials and b.) Because of this we won’t have the need to try and make up for it somewhere else with change/add orders or cutting corners.  Ultimately if the builder doesn’t estimate your job correctly then you become a liability and they’ll start to prioritize other jobs over yours and compromise the quality & service of your project.
  2. Question? –How can I expect my basement to receive the attention it deserves during construction?
    Answer – This question will allow you to get an idea of how experienced your builder is and what resources they’ll allocate for your job.  Corson Decorating & Remodeling has a fulltime project manager that is assigned to your job and runs your basement from start to finish.  Our project managers are pros at their job and critical to our operation.  Kind of like an orchestra conductor we  keep the worksite humming and make sure you’re in-the-know and satisfied.
  3. Question? – How much tile do I need to purchase, where do I purchase it, how much will it cost, and when do I need it by?
    Answer – This question addresses what we call the ‘Project List’.  This is a document we generate specifically for your project and it includes everything you need to know as it relates to items you’re providing like tile, carpet, & electric/plumbing fixtures.  We provide you with vendors that we recommend.  We also let you know what quantity to purchase for each area being tiled, how much you can expect to spend on your tile, and the date you need to have it purchased by.  We do this not only for tile but everything you need to purchase.
  4. Question? – How long have you been working with your drywaller & electrician?
    Answer – This question gets at the relationship with trade partners – our answer is several  years respectively.  Our relationships mean everything to us.  Our philosophy is once we find a trade partner who shares our same values in terms of service, quality, & reliability, we hold onto them.
  5. Question? – What is your pay schedule?
    Answer –  Our pay schedule is based on progress payments: 1st payment is a deposit to get the job going.. Second payment is after rough in is completed and we are about to drywall. The final payment is made at the completion of your basement.

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